A group of 16 trekkers went missing on Saturday due to bad weather conditions in Chamba in Himachal Pradesh, reported The Tribune. Ten foreigners whose nationalities are not yet known, three people from Nepal, and three from the Lahul-Spiti district of the state are among those who are missing.

Deputy Inspector General (Kangra range) Atul Fulzele said a team of policemen, porters and mountaineering experts has left in search of the missing trekkers.

On September 17, the group reached Hiltwan in the Pangi region and then proceeded to Tharu Nala the next day. The trekkers were accompanied by 17 local porters.

On September 19, they trekked towards Bhujpatra Range Dhar and stayed there, while the porters returned to Hiltwan. The trekkers had reportedly told the porters to meet them at Hiltwan on Saturday during their return journey.

On Saturday morning, the porters went to Bhujpatra Range Dhar to trace the trekkers, the police said, adding that they will reach Hiltwan over the next two days. The porters have also told the police that the trekkers had enough food and medicines.

Fifty trekkers, including around 35 students of IIT Roorkee, were reported missing for some time. They were reported to be safe in the Sissu area of Lahul-Spiti district on Tuesday.

Himachal Pradesh has witnessed heavy rainfall and snow this week. Over three days, the state government rescued 898 people who were stranded in heavy rain and snow. Additional Chief Secretary Manisha Nanda said this was the “biggest ever rescue operation” to be launched in the state till date after heavy rain and cloudbursts triggered flash floods and landslides in several districts of the state while snowfall cut off Lahaul and Spiti from the rest of the state from September 22 to September 24.

The Indian Air Force also rescued two German nationals from Pingdom La in Lahaul-Spiti district, where they were stuck in a blizzard for two days.