Officials in Bihar’s Kaimur district on Tuesday claimed rats have destroyed liquor seized in the last two years, NDTV reported. Prohibition came into force in the state on April 1, 2016.

When the officials entered a storeroom on Monday to destroy seized liquor, they found that cans and caps of alcohol bottles had holes in them. “The beer cans seem to have been destroyed by rats,” said local sub-divisional magistrate Kumari Anupama. “We saw big holes on the bottle caps when we opened the cartons.”

“Prima facie, it looks like the work of rats because only cans and cartons have been damaged,” she told Zee Bihar Jharkhand, according to DNA. “All the cans are in place, but most were leaking and empty.” She said a detailed report would be submitted to District Magistrate Nawal Kishore Choudhary.

In May 2017, police officials in Patna claimed rats had drunk thousands of litres of liquor seized and stored in stations.

Over 1.33 lakh violations of the prohibition law have been registered since the ban was imposed.