United States President Donald Trump held three rallies on Monday as campaigning for the midterm congressional elections came to an end. The elections on Tuesday, widely seen as a referendum on the Trump administration, are critical for both Democrats and Republicans. Polling will take place on Tuesday, with results to be declared overnight.

As members of the House run every two years, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be voted on in Tuesday’s midterms. Out of the 100 seats in the Senate, 35 are on ballot this year. Voters of 36 states will also elect governors in the midterms. If the Democrats win the House and the Senate, it could pose a threat to the Trump administration.

On Monday, Trump took on the Democrats during his campaign in Ohio, Missouri and Indiana, where he stressed that everything was on the line. “In a sense, I am on the ticket,” he told the crowd in Ohio’s Cleveland, according to AP.

“It’s all fragile. Everything I told you about, it can be undone and changed by the Democrats if they get in,” Trump told supporters in a conference call, Reuters reported. “You see how they’ve behaved. You see what’s happening with them. They’ve really become radicalised.”

Meanwhile, the US dollar fell on Monday ahead of the midterm elections. The euro, in turn, went up by 17.6 basis points, Reuters reported.

Fox News, NBC and Facebook pull down racist ad

Television networks Fox News and NBC, and social media website Facebook have pulled down a Trump campaign advertisement that critics had labelled racist. The ad showed an illegal Mexican immigrant convicted in a case of killing two police officers in 2014, juxtaposed with scenes of migrants headed through Mexico. It was sponsored by Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

The ad came at a time when Trump administration has been criticised for deploying 15,000 soldiers to the US-Mexico border to keep a caravan of migrants from Central America from entering the country.

When the president was questioned about the ad on Monday, he claimed that he did not know about it. “A lot of things are offensive. Your questions are offensive,” he told reporters, according to AFP.