Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has said that controversies surrounding institutions such as the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Supreme Court are “internal issues” and demand “internal correctives”, The Indian Express reported.

“You see what has happened also, even in the Supreme Court, even in the CBI, all these are internal issues, so there has to be [an] internal corrective mechanism,” he said on Tuesday.

Last month, the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance government sent the CBI’s top two officials – Director Alok Verma and Special Director Rakesh Asthana – on leave. The move was widely criticised by Opposition parties, including the Congress that held nationwide protests. As for the Supreme Court, in an unprecedented move in January, four senior judges held a press conference and said they had failed in their attempts to get the then Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra to address an alleged crisis in the judiciary.

People expect these institutions to “live up to the expectations” and “institutional self-correction is always good”, said Naidu. Beyond these measures, government or parliamentary intervention calls for following fixed procedures, he added.

Naidu said that the Constitution has “clearly spelt out” everyone’s roles and responsibilities. All institutions must follow the mandate assigned to them and function “without encroaching over other’s domain”, the vice president said, adding that this makes the system “perfect”.

Although the institutions should adhere to their defined roles, they can discuss issues with the elected government of the day before coming to a decision, said Naidu. “Discussion, dialogue is necessary,” he said.

On the rift between the government and the Reserve Bank of India, Naidu said the central bank “needs to engage banks regularly, on a regular basis”. The vice president, however, refused to make any specific comments.

The Centre is reportedly upset with the RBI after its Deputy Governor Viral Acharya on October 26 said governments that do not respect a central bank’s independence sooner or later incur the wrath of financial markets. The RBI has also rejected the finance ministry’s proposal that the bank transfer a surplus of Rs 3.6 lakh crore to the government. The differences can be resolved if both the government and the central bank respect each other’s intent and autonomy, former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan had said.