At least four people died in an explosion at a bakery in central Paris on Saturday, BBC reported. Over 30 people were injured. Two of those killed were firefighters. The police suspect the blast was caused by a gas leak, according to AFP.

The explosion occurred around 9 am (1.30 pm IST) at a bakery on Rue Trevise in the city’s 9th district, and the fire spread to nearby buildings as well.

“Twelve people are seriously injured, including three firefighters, and 24 others have more minor injuries,” Commander Eric Moulin of the Paris Fire Service said. “Among the 12, two firefighters and three civilians are in life-threatening condition.”

Images on social media showed debris strewn across the street and firefighters trying to douse the blaze as cars and buildings around the bakery were also damaged.

The blast was “manifestly accidental”, Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz was quoted as saying by The New York Times. “First there was a gas leak, then the arrival of the firefighters, followed by an explosion that caused the fire.”