Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday labelled Opposition parties the “poster boys of Pakistan” for seeking evidence of the Indian Air Force’s strike on a Jaish-e-Mohammad camp in the neighbouring country on February 26.

In a reference to the grand alliance, Modi claimed that the Opposition is doing “mahamilavat” [high adulteration] to remove him from power, PTI reported. “These ‘mahamilavati’ persons have become poster boys of Pakistan,” he alleged at a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar city. “They are misleading people of the country and trying to demoralise our armed forces by asking for proofs of the IAF air strike.”

“Though the air strike took place in Pakistan, it has hit some people sitting in India,” Modi added.

Modi claimed that the Congress was questioning the ability of the Armed Forces, ANI reported. Referring to Digvijaya Singh, he said a Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh claimed the Pulwama attack was an accident. “The party which ruled our country for decades is now questioning ability of our brave forces, especially a leader from Madhya Pradesh,” he said. “Today he said Pulwama terror attack is an accident. This is their mentality, he is the same person who gave Pakistan a clean chit after 26/11 [Mumbai attacks].”

At another event in Ahmedabad, the prime minister said that the Opposition wants to remove him from power. “They [Opposition] want to strike Modi, but I want to strike on terror,” Modi said according to the Prime Minister’s Office. “They want to remove this ‘chowkidar’ but I want to fight poverty.” Modi launched the government’s mega pension scheme – Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana at the event.

The prime minister claimed that the “chowkidar’s honesty” is bothering “middlemen and deal-brokers”. “So they are yelling, remove Modi! But the ‘chowkidar’ stands firm because of your blessings,” he added.