After Adityanath’s “Modi ki Sena” remark, a video of Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi purportedly making a similar comment at a rally in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, surfaced on Thursday.

During a campaign for Rampur candidate Jaya Prada, Naqvi accused the Opposition of questioning the Balakot air strikes. In the video he is seen saying, “Our missiles, our defence personnel annihilated the terrorists after storming their bastions. This is not an ordinary feat. Ab dikkat yeh hui ki Congress party, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party sab chilaane lage ki bhai yeh jo Modi ji ne ghus ghus kar, Modiji ki sena ne ghus ghus kar ke aatankwaadiyo ko tabaah kiyaa uskaa saboot to dikhaa do [Now the problem is that the Congress, SP, BSP started demanding proof of the attack carried out by “Modiji ki sena”].”

Naqvi, however, told PTI that he had not said it in as many words. “I might have said “meri sena, aapki sena, har aadmi ki sena [my Army, your army, everyone’s Army”],” he told the news agency.

The Congress, which described Naqvi’s comment as an insult to the Army, said it will file a complaint with the Election Commission. “The BJP should stop mentioning the Indian Army,” Congress spokesperson Dwijendra Tripathi told the Hindustan Times. “They are using the Army as their private Army for the publicity of their prachaar mantri [propaganda minister].”

The Election Commission on Wednesday issued a notice to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath for referring to the Indian Army as “Modiji ki Sena”. The poll body has asked Adityanath to submit a response by April 5.

Adityanath had made the remark in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, on Sunday while accusing the Congress of going soft on terrorists during the United Progressive Alliance’s regime. “The Congress government used to serve biryani to terrorists and Modi ji’s army sends bullets and bombs their way,” he had claimed.