Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath on Sunday denied that over 100 Hindu families had migrated from Meerut due to harassment of women by members of another community, ANI reported. “Nobody is migrating, who will migrate now that we have come to power?” Adityanath said. “There might be some cases of personal disputes but there is no migration.”

Police officials had on Friday denied that Hindu families were moving out in fear, as alleged by a local Bharatiya Janata Party leader. The local leader had lodged a complaint on the NaMo app on June 11, claiming that 125 Hindu families “were forced to move out” of Prahlad Nagar town due to harassment of women by people from another community.

Additional Director General Prashant Kumar said a committee comprising city magistrate Sanjay Pandey and Kotwali Deputy Superintendent of Police Dinesh Chand Shukla had been formed to look into the concerns. The committee has been asked to submit a report within one week.

The complainant, Bhavesh Mehta, had alleged that Hindu families were selling their homes and migrating out of fear. In his complaint, he had also said that people were thrashed if they objected to the harassment of women.

Adityanath had ordered an investigation into the alleged exodus. “We have not found any evidence to establish that people are leaving Prahlad Nagar out of fear,” Kumar said. “There is no exodus-like situation. This is true that people are selling their houses, but it is a routine process.”

In 2017, there had been protests in Chahashor mohalla, a neighbourhood in Meerut, against the sale of houses to Muslims. The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, the youth wing of the BJP, had led the protests.