Veteran Congress leader Karan Singh on Monday said he was “aghast to see the confusion and disorientation” into which the party had fallen since former Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s resignation, PTI reported. He appealed to the party’s working committee to meet under the chairmanship of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in order to take the necessary decisions.

“Instead of honouring his bold decision a month was wasted pleading him to take back his resignation,” the Congress leader said in a statement. “I strongly urge the working committee to meet without delay, perhaps under the chairmanship of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and take necessary decisions.”

Karan Singh said that the party seemed to be in a disarray ever since Gandhi first resigned six weeks ago. “After all he’s an intelligent man, man of honour and principle, if he wants to resign, let him resign for heaven’s sake,” ANI quoted the former Union minister as saying. He further added that the longer the current scenario of uncertainty remained, the more Congress supporters around the nation will be demoralised.

Singh suggested that the party should appoint an interim president and four working presidents or vice presidents as soon as possible. He said that the vice presidents could each be in charge of a specific zone. “This will enable the introduction of younger people into positions of authority,” he said.

The Congress leader’s statement cropped up as Mukul Wasnik and Mallikarjun Kharge reportedly emerged as front runners for the post of Congress president, NDTV reported.

Meanwhile, the Leader of Congress Parliamentary Party Sonia Gandhi has called for a meeting of Congress MPs on Tuesday, according to ANI.