The wife of late Congress leader ND Tiwari’s son Rohit Shekhar Tiwari, was on Thursday charged with killing her husband, PTI reported. The Delhi Police claimed lawyer Apoorva Shukla smothered and strangulated him following an argument over him drinking alcohol with his sister-in-law from the same glass.

Rohit Tiwari was brought dead to a hospital in New Delhi’s Saket area on April 16. His autopsy report said he died of asphyxia as he was strangulated and smothered. The Delhi Police had arrested Shukla in April in connection with her husband’s death. She was questioned for three days before she was taken into custody.

An unidentified police officer said on Thursday that the chargesheet was filed at the Saket Court and named 56 witnesses, including Rohit Tiwari’s mother Ujjwala Tiwari. The chargesheet says Shukla has been charged under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, which stipulates the punishment for murder as death or life imprisonment.

Shukla suspected that her husband had a child with his sister-in-law, and was afraid that the property might go to him, the chargesheet added. It also named the sister-in-law and Rohit Tiwari’s lawyer Vedanta Verma as witnesses.

The chargesheet said that Shukla and Rohit Shekhar Tiwari had a turbulent marriage. Shukla had married him as she had political ambitions, but then realised that he had no political standing, it added.

On April 15, Rohit Tiwai, his sister-in-law, ND Tiwari’s close aide, and two of their other employees were returning from Haldwani in Uttarakhand after casting their votes, the chargesheet said. At this time, Shukla made a video call to her husband to ask him what he wanted for dinner.

After Rohit Tiwari returned home around 10 pm, he ate alone and went to his room. Shukla went to his room after watching TV at 12.45 pm, and confronted him about drinking from the same glass as his sister-in-law, the chargesheet said. Following this, Shukla allegedly killed her husband.