The Madhya Pradesh Police on Friday arrested 62 people for allegedly supplying highly toxic synthetic milk to branded outlets across several states, PTI reported. The police also busted a racket involved in manufacturing these milk products.

Three synthetic milk units were busted in Amba in Morena district and Lahar in Bhind district of the Gwalior-Chambal region by the Special Task Force, Superintendent of Police Rajesh Bhadoriya told the news agency. They also raided a dozen other locations on Saturday but found the premises locked.

The police seized around 10,000 litres of synthetic milk, over 500 kg of spurious condensed milk and around 200 kg of synthetic cottage cheese in the operation. They also found huge quantity of chemicals and preservatives.

“As many as 20 tankers and 11 pick-up vans containing spurious milk and other products were seized,” Bhadoriya said.

The synthetic milk and other milk products were supplied to outlets in six states – Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

“A huge quantity of liquid shampoo, detergent, refined oil, maltodextrin powder, sodium thiosulfate and other chemicals were seized during the raids,” Bhadoriya added. He said the the accused were using high quantity of preservatives.

In every one litre of the spurious milk manufactured at the three units, 30% milk was used in combination with refined oil, liquid detergent, white paint and glucose powder, NDTV reported. The same formula was also used to make cottage cheese.

The synthetic milk was produced at the cost of Rs 5 per litre but was supplied to major markets at prices spanning between Rs 45 and Rs 50 per liter in cities like Bhopal and Delhi, Bhadoriya told The Times of India. The accused produced 2 lakh litres of milk everyday and supplied it to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and other states.

The manufacturing units were found to spread across several acres of land with hundreds of employees working in 24/7 shifts. The police have also charged those supplying raw products to these factories.

Some food inspectors are were also reportedly involved with the gang operating these units. They will soon be identified and action will be taken against them, the Special Task Force said.