Islamic organisation Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind on Thursday passed a resolution saying Kashmir was an “integral part” of India, and the welfare of people in the Valley lay in their integration with the rest of the country, PTI reported.

The resolution was adopted in the annual general meeting of the organisation in Delhi. In an indirect reference to Pakistan, the organisation accused it of using Kashmiris as shields.

“JuH stands steadfastly for the unity and integrity of the country and has accorded it paramount importance,” it said. “As such it can never support any separatist movement rather it considers such movements not only harmful for India but also for the people of Kashmir.”

Mahmood Madani, the organisation’s general secretary, added that the Jamiat was not unmindful of the desire of Kashmiris, their self respect, and the demand of preservation of their cultural identity. “There will be no compromise with security and integrity of our country. India is our country and we stand by it,” ANI quoted him as saying.

The Jamiat urged the government to protect Kashmiris and their property while respecting human rights. “It must use all every possible constitutional means for bringing back normalcy in the region and winning the hearts of the people of Kashmir,” it added.

Madani also extended his support to Assam’s National Register of Citizens, ANI reported. “The NRC should be conducted in the whole country as it will help in knowing how many intruders are here,” he added. “Even those who are genuine are being blamed. Hence, it should be done. I have no problem with that.”

He said the Muslim community should consider the “correction” and the “inclusion” of the names in the list as their religious and national duties.

More than 19 lakh people were excluded from the final list of the updated citizens’ database published on August 31. The number of people left out comprise around 6% of Assam’s entire population, two times the number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and the population of Nagaland. They will now have to appeal against the decision in foreigners’ tribunals.

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