India on Thursday criticised Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir, and said Islamabad must understand that repeating a lie does not make it the truth. Pakistan’s attempt to “polarise and politicise” the situation was rejected at the United Nations Human Rights Council and the global community was aware of Islamabad’s role in “aiding and abetting terrorist infrastructure”, said the external affairs ministry.

On Tuesday, a team of Indian diplomats had addressed the council in Geneva, Switzerland, to explain New Delhi’s position on Jammu and Kashmir, whose special status was revoked on August 5. At the meeting, India once again reiterated that Kashmir was an internal matter and the restrictions in place were a preventive measure. The curfew-like situation was being eased gradually, it had added.

“Quite audacious on the part of Pakistan, which is the epicenter of terrorism to pretend to speak on behalf of the global community on human rights. This is very rich,” Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar told reporters on Thursday. “They need to understand that repeating a lie four or five times does not turn it into gospel truth, which came out during the session.”

Kumar said India had countered Islamabad’s attempts to propagate lies, and explained its own position in relation to Article 370 and how the changes were necessary for the development and prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir. Asked about alleged human rights violations in the state, the spokesperson cited Wednesday’s report that essential supplies, including round-the-clock water supply, healthcare and education, were not disrupted.

At the UN meeting, Ministry of External Affairs Secretary (East) Vijay Thakur had accused the Pakistani delegation of giving false allegations and concocting charges against India. “World is aware that this fabricated narrative comes from epicentre of global terrorism, where ring leaders were sheltered for years,” Thakur had said.

Pakistan, which addressed the council before India, urged the global body should conduct an international investigation into the situation in Kashmir.

New Delhi and Islamabad have witnessed a massive escalation in tension since August 5. The decision did not go down well wth Pakistan, which has fought three wars with India for Kashmir since Independence.

While India has repeatedly said that its decisions with regard to the region are an internal matter, Pakistan has threatened to take up the matter on several international forums.

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