Ink was thrown at Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Ashwini Kumar Choubey in Patna on Tuesday by a supporter of Jan Adhikar Party leader Pappu Yadav, PTI reported. The incident took place after Choubey visited the Patna Medical College and Hospital to take stock of the measures in place to combat dengue in the city.

Choubey was about to get into his car after meeting patients and talking to doctors at the hospital, when a bottle of ink was thrown at him. It fell to the ground near Choubey’s vehicle, splashing ink on him and on the car’s bonnet and the front window pane. Choubey, in response, told journalists present at the spot: “This is the handiwork of those who used to indulge in crime before entering politics.”

Supporters of the Jan Adhikar Party, led by Pappu Yadav, had shouted slogans in protest against the alleged apathy of the government in providing relief to the residents when they were affected by waterlogged streets, as well as ensuring proper medical facilities to combat the vector-borne diseases that followed the floods. At least 40 people had died in the floods.

Following the ink-throwing incident, the police chased two men wearing T-shirts and black jeans through the crowd. However, the police could not catch the accused.

Later, one of the accused identified himself to local news channels as Nishant Jha, an office-bearer of the Jan Adhikar Party’s students wing. Jha said he wanted to “express anger on behalf of the common people whose voice those in power never listen to”.

“We have taken note of the media reports and we shall be soon catching hold of the miscreant,” Pribahore Police Station House Officer Rizwan Ahmed Khan told PTI.

However, Pappu Yadav dismissed the ink-throwing incident when he was asked about it. “I have come from Delhi only this morning,” he said. “I can say there is palpable anger against those in power. The incident should not be linked to me or my party. It is public outrage that has spilled over.”

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