A look at the headlines right now:

  1. Nirmala Sitharaman defends Citizenship Act, cites examples of Adnan Sami and Taslima Nasreen: The minister said states such as Kerala and Punjab, which have passed resolutions against the Citizenship Amendment Act, were merely making a political statement. She added that they cannot refuse to implement the law since that would be unconstitutional.
  2. Kerala governor demands report from government after citizenship law is challenged in Supreme Court: Arif Mohammad Khan told reporters that he would not remain a ‘mute spectator’.
  3. Kuki, Naga militants sign historic pact to ‘resolve differences’: KNO spokesperson Seilen Haokip called the development ‘the foundation of peace’.
  4. Remove NITI Aayog member for ‘internet only used for dirty films’ remark, demands Kashmir trade body: Losses to the business sector were more than 18,000 crore in the past six months, Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry said.
  5. Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina says India’s Citizenship Amendment Act is unnecessary: In an interview to Gulf News, she denied that minority communities left her country because of persecution.
  6. Railways to replace Urdu with Sanskrit on platform signboards in Uttarakhand: Sanskrit became the state’s second language in 2010. Thus, according to a railway official, it must be used on signboards along with English and Hindi.
  7. Indian schoolteacher becomes first foreigner to contract SARS-like virus in China: Preeti Maheshwari, a teacher at an international school in Shenzhen, was admitted to a local hospital on January 10. She is now on a life-support system.
  8. My criticism of Malayalis for electing Rahul Gandhi was patronising, says historian Ramachandra Guha: Guha said his remarks, which generated a lot of controversy, were made in the broader context of ‘Modi, Hindutva and India’.
  9. ‘Lungi-clad infiltrators’ and their supporters will be sent to Bangladesh, says Bengal BJP chief: On Saturday, Dilip Ghosh had lashed out at intellectuals and public figures in the state who are supporting the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.
  10. Kejriwal releases ‘guarantee card’ ahead of Delhi elections, promises free power, 24-hour drinking water: The chief minister said an Aam Aadmi Party government would reduce pollution by 300%.