The daughter of Janata Dal (United) leader Vinod Choudhary on Sunday declared herself a chief ministerial candidate for the upcoming Assembly elections in Bihar, The Indian Express reported. Pushpam Priya Choudhary made the announcement of her candidature in a full-page advertisement published in several English and Hindi newspapers in the state.

In the advertisement, Choudhary introduced herself as the president of her party called the “Plurals”. The full-page release also had her photographs along with slogans such as “Plurals has arrived” and “Bihar deserves better, and better is possible”.

In a tweet, Choudhary appealed to residents of the state to join her in “taking power back” from the ruling government led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. “Bihar needs pace, Bihar needs wings, Bihar needs change,” she added. “Because Bihar deserves better and better is possible.”

Pushpam Priya Choudhary, who is from Darbhanga, currently lives in London. She has completed multiple masters’ courses from the United Kingdom, including one in development studies from the University of Sussex, another in public administration from the London School of Economics and a third in political science, according to her Twitter bio.

Her father is a former Janata Dal (United) MLC and is known to have close ties with Nitish Kumar. Reacting to his daughter’s candidature, Vinod Choudhary said: “Everyone has the freedom to dream. My daughter is a highly educated person. She has all my blessings.”

However, several other party leaders have said they were unaware of Pushpam Choudhary’s identity initially. “These are some interesting elements of politics. So many people are throwing their hats in the ring, the girl is just one of them,” an unidentified party leader told The Indian Express, adding that the matter will be taken up with Vinod Choudhary.