A 36-year-old man admitted to a private hospital in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, released a video on Saturday, claiming that he had been wrongly declared dead due to Covid-19 infection. The Madhya Pradesh health department has admitted to an error in the man’s case, the Hindustan Times reported.

It is not yet clear whether the man, who is admitted to RD Gardi Medical College in Ujjain, has Covid-19. In the purported video shared on social media, he claimed that he had not yet been told clearly whether his test results were positive. “One person says I am positive, another person says I am not,” he said. “There are no proper facilities at this hospital, not even adequate staff.”

He cited a newspaper report to claim he had been declared dead. “Nothing has happened to me,” he said. “Please share this video with others and improve the arrangements here and get me out of here.”

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Ujjain Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr Anusuiya Gawali Sinha told the Hindustan Times: “The name of the patient was entered in the record as dead in place of a 60-year-old Covid-19 patient from Ujjain who died on Thursday. The doctor who happens to be the nodal officer has admitted his lapse, saying that it happened due to confusion over names and addresses.”

She said she had issued a show cause notice to the doctor and warned him.

On Saturday, the district authorities had issued a show cause notice to the hospital for allegedly ignoring orders to improve its facilities for Covid-19 patients, The Times of India reported. The college director was asked to explain why its licence should not be cancelled.

As of 5 pm on Sunday, the Centre has confirmed 2,096 cases of Covid-19 in Madhya Pradesh, of whom 99 have died and 210 have recovered.