Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the country to mark the 74th Independence Day, said that 130 crore Indians have pledged to make the country “atmanirbhar” or self-reliant. The prime minister added that “vocal for local” must become the slogan of Independent India.

Modi said there are several challenges for India to become self-dependent, but the country also has “130 crore solutions”, referring to the citizens. “I am confident that India will realise this dream,” the prime minister said. “I am confident of the abilities, confidence and potential of my fellow Indians. Once we decide to do something, we do not rest till we achieve that goal.”

The prime minister said that being self-reliant would not only mean reducing imports but also strengthening the country’s human resources. Modi said that self-reliance will also ensure that India is better placed to help other nations. “India must produce everything that it needs and also export goods to other nations as it becomes more self-reliant,” Modi said.


The prime minister said that the principles of humanity must be the essence of economic growth. “India has always believed that the entire world is one family,” the prime minister said. “While we focus on economic growth and development, humanity must retain a central role in this process and our journey.”

Modi added that a “self-reliant” India is now producing masks, ventilators and personal protective equipment kits amid the coronavirus crisis. He said that reforms in the space and energy sectors have opened up innumerable opportunities for the people of India.

The prime minister also said that India must follow the principle of “Make for the World”. Modi said that India saw an 18% rise in foreign direct investments over the last one year. “Investment is pouring into India even amid the coronavirus crisis,” said.

Modi also said the government is also making efforts of make the agricultural sector more self-reliant by introducing reforms that help farmers be free from bondage and attain better prices for their produce. The prime minister said that “re-skilling” labourers will help them become more self-reliant.

The prime minister added that the government’s priority is to bring progress to districts that are lagging behind. “By choosing more than 110 such aspirational districts, special efforts are being made there so that people of the country get better education, better health facilities, better employment opportunities,” Modi said.