At least 12 people, including six police personnel and two journalists, were injured in a clash on Thursday in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district, a day after the police allegedly beat up a man, PTI reported.

On Wednesday, a local resident was called to a police post at Rasra in the district for interrogation over a dispute with his extended family, NDTV reported. He was thrashed by the police so viciously that he had to be admitted to a hospital, his family claimed in a written complaint, which named a sub-inspector and a head constable.

The identity of the man has is not clear. NDTV said the man was called Panna Rajbhar, 20, while PTI reported it to be Panna Lal, aged 35 years. “While accusing the police of beating a man named Panna Lal [35], the villagers blocked the traffic at about 9.30 am,” Additional Superintendent of Police Sanjay Yadav told PTI. Yadav was among those injured.

When the police tried to remove the blockade, the villagers allegedly pelted stones, damaged six vehicles and set a police post on fire. The police responded by baton charging to disperse the crowd.

Visuals from a local hospital showed police personnel being treated for head injuries. Two people were also seen taking an injured woman away.

Another police officer, Devendra Nath, said Panna’s sister-in-law had written to the police, seeking help in vacating her house occupied by her brother-in-law. “The police post’s in-charge had brought Panna there,” Nath said. “Panna alleged the police tortured him. The police post in-charge and the head constable will be questioned.”

A police contingent has been deployed in Rasra and senior officials are keeping a watch on the situation.