Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he will address the nation at 6 pm on Tuesday. “Will be sharing a message with my fellow citizens at 6 pm this evening,” he tweeted.

However, he did not specify what he will speak on. Reports suggested that the prime minister could talk about the coronavirus situation in the country ahead of the festive season.

India’s tally of coronavirus cases rose to 75,97,063 on Tuesday with 46,790 new infections in 24 hours. This is the lowest single-day jump in fresh cases since the end of July. On July 23, India had recorded 45,720 cases in one day. The country’s toll, meanwhile, rose by 587 to 1,15,197.

On Saturday, Modi chaired a meeting on the coronavirus situation and arrangements for the delivery and distribution of a vaccine. He called for “speedy access” to the vaccine when it is ready, while also directing officials to keep in mind the “geographical span and diversity” of India in planning the logistics and delivery. The prime minister highlighted a steady decline in daily cases, growth rate and number of deaths over the last three weeks, but warned against any complacency.

A scientific committee appointed by the Centre on Sunday said the coronavirus pandemic has peaked in India, and predicted that it will end by February next year. The panel said the country is likely to have 10.6 million (106 lakh) active cases by then, and warned against complacency.

Another central panel has said that by February, it is likely that 50% of Indians would have had Covid-19.