The Delhi Pollution Control Committee on Thursday sealed two industrial units and ordered closure of 15 others for polluting the Yamuna river due to froth formation. One industrial unit has also been issued a show-cause notice.

A statement from the committee on the action taken said that inspections were carried out on November 11 and November 12 to identify industries causing water pollution in the national Capital.

The polluting units which were sealed included an automobile service station-cum-showroom in Patparganj industrial area and a jeans dyeing and washing unit in Lawrence Road industrial area which were found operating without effluent treatment plants.

Twenty one units were inspected in Khayala redevelopment area, and directions for closure were issued to 15 of them for operating without effluent treatment plants, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee said. The show-cause notice has been issued to an automobile service and repair unit at Patparganj Industrial Area.

Earlier this month, visuals showed frothing in Yamuna amid rising pollution levels in Delhi, reported ANI.

A Central Pollution Control Board official told PTI that the primary reason behind the formation of the toxic foam was high phosphate content in the wastewater because of detergents used in dyeing industries, dhobi ghats and households.

Majority of the detergents in the country don’t have a certification by International Organisation for Standardisation, the pollution board told PTI.

At 2.50 pm on Friday, the air quality index reading in Delhi was 395, indicating “very poor” category.