The price of domestic liquified petroleum gas cylinders was again increased by Rs 25 on Monday, just four days after the previous rise.

A 14.2 kg cylinder will now cost Rs 819 in Delhi, as against Rs 794 – the price at which it was available last week. LPG cylinders will cost the same in Mumbai.

In Kolkata, the price of cylinders rose from Rs 820 to Rs 845.5. LPG cylinders will now cost Rs 835 in Chennai.

Cylinders will cost Rs 871 in Hyderabad now, while their price in Bengaluru will be Rs 822. Among these six cities, the price of cylinders is the highest in Hyderabad.

Last week, LPG gas prices were increased by Rs 25. The prices were also increased twice before this – by Rs 25 on February 4 and Rs 50 on February 15.

On the other hand, the prices of petrol and diesel remained steady for two consecutive days. The prices of petrol and diesel in Delhi were Rs 91.17 and Rs 81.47, respectively. In Mumbai, petrol costs Rs 97.57, while diesel retails at Rs 88.60.

The prices of petrol and diesel in Chennai were Rs 93.11 and Rs 86.45. In Kolkata, they stood at Rs Rs 91.35 and Rs 84.35.