The Bihar police on Tuesday passed an order urging personnel not to use their mobile phones or other electronic devices while on duty, ANI reported. The order told them use of their devices only in exceptional situations and noted that there have been instances where police personnel were found using mobile phones “unnecessarily” while on duty.

“Use of mobile phones and engaging on social media for entertainment leads to distraction from duty, affects efficiency and is a display of indiscipline,” the order, signed by the director general of police, stated. It added that such incidents maligned the image of the police force and have a negative impact on personnel’s morale.

Police superintendents and senior superintendents have been given the power to take action against those individuals who violate the order.

The order was passed following reports of police officers using social media while on duty, according to The New Indian Express.

Similar orders have been passed earlier in other states too. In September 2019, the Rajasthan government said police personnel deployed on traffic duty or on VIP duty will have to deposit their mobile phones with senior officers, PTI reported.