The prices of petrol in Delhi and Kolkata crossed Rs 100 on Wednesday after an increase of 35 paise per litre. Diesel prices rose by 17 paise. This is the 36th time since May 4 that fuel prices have increased in India.

The petrol price in Delhi stood at Rs 100.21 per litre, while diesel retailed at Rs 89.53. In Kolkata, the prices of petrol and diesel on Wednesday were Rs 100.23 and Rs 92.50, respectively.

In Mumbai, the price of petrol had crossed Rs 100 last month. On Wednesday, it stood at Rs 106.25. Diesel cost Rs 97.09 in the city. Chennai had breached the Rs 100-mark last week. The petrol price in the city on Wednesday was Rs 101.06. A litre of diesel cost Rs 94.06 in the city.

Petrol prices in Hyderabad and Pune were also above Rs 100. In Pune, the price of petrol on Wednesday was Rs 105.50. A litre of petrol cost Rs 104.14 in Hyderabad.

The prices of petrol have crossed Rs 100 in at least 16 states and Union Territories in India.

Meanwhile, global oil prices fell on Tuesday as the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries or OPEC failed to reach an agreement to boost supply, Reuters reported. Brent crude settled at $74.53 (approximately, Rs 5,564), down 3.4%.