A collision with an asteroid strands the space pilot Mills on Earth 65 million years ago. There be dinosaurs here of all sizes and temperaments, as well as a teenaged girl who reminds Mills of his own daughter.

Mills (Adam Driver) and Koa (Ariana Greenblatt) team up to take on their slithering foes. With his spaceship shot to bits, Mills must rely on his wits and his ability to soothe Koa’s nerves to make it out of Earth.

Despite meshing a survival saga, intergalactic travel and a creature feature, 65 offers slim pickings. While writer-directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods have little new to offer, the co-writers of A Quiet Place generate a fair amount of suspense as Mills and Koa battle all manner of prehistoric creepy-crawlies.

The Herculean efforts of the humans keep 65 afloat. Adam Driver’s Mills valorously strains every sinew – and sprains every muscle – to keep himself and Koa alive. But even at a crisp 93 minutes, there are only so many times you can watch Mills and Koa escaping yet another hungry soul that is understandably annoyed by the intruders.

65 (2023).