The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, has broken box office records ever since its release in America on December 18, mopping up 517$ million and counting. It appears that very few are impervious to the Force, which has gripped priests and pundits alike. The movie opens on India on December 25.

Stephen Colbert

The popular American talk show host explains the plot-line of The Force Awakens to audiences in China, where the movie will open on January 9, 2016.


Jimmy Fallon

Not to be outdone, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and The Roots made another a capella video keeping in tradition with his famous a capella versions of in style songs.


Conan O'Brien

The television show host does a funny sketch about the rejects who grumble about not getting to appear in the new movie.


Church mass

A church in Berlin sure knows how to herd in the flock for a full Sunday mass.


Weather forecast

Watch weather anchor Sian Welby jump on to the bandwagon to deliver nine Star Wars references in 40 seconds.


The White House

Perhaps no other country in the world allows its elected rulers to plug blockbusters the way America does. In a brand association that must be the envy of marketing gurus the world over, The White House allows the robot, R2D2, and Stormtroopers, the villain Darth Vader’s enforcers, to invade a conference addressed by the Press Secretary Josh Earnest and gives President Barack Obama time off to attend a special screening of the movie for families who have lost members in the Iraq war. First Lady Michelle Obama does her bit by including a photo of the Stormtroopers invading the White House on her Instagram account.

That's no's a snowflake. #StarWars

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R2-D2 makes an appearance too.

These aren’t the dogs you’re looking for. #StarWars

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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is basking in the glow of fatherhood, recruits his daughter Maxima for the global publicity push.