Adhiraj Bose’s Interior Café Night, co-written with Sainee Raj and showing on the YouTube channel Large Short Films, features two couples in a café in Kolkata (actually Birdsong in Mumbai’s Bandra neighbourhood). The café owner (Naseeruddin Shah) meets his one true love (Shernaz Patel) after a 30-year gap. She has come in on the last night of her stay in the city, and they chat about the time when they had to go their separate ways. At a neighbouring table, a couple (Naveen Kasturia and Shweta Basu Prasad) are in the throes of a tearful parting.

Kasturia and Prasad convincingly portray the heartbreak of young love, while Shah and Patel are lovely as the grey-haired exes. Shah’s expression as he sets his eyes on his former girlfriend for the first time in years itself is worth the viewing experience.

‘Interior Café Night’.