South Korea has launched the world’s largest IMAX theater in its capital Seoul on Monday, reported The Hollywood Reporter. The multiplex was launched by CJ CGV, the country’s largest cinema chain. It measures 31 metres in width and 22.4 metres in height.

The IMAX theatre combines the immersive technologies ScreenX, which will project the film on the main screen as well as the two side walls and 4DX, which aids with environmental effects such as rain, scent and moving of chairs. According to the CJ CGV exhibitor, the Imax screen will be five times the size of a normal cinema screen in a multiplex. With an aspect ratio of 1.43:1, the images are expected to be projected much more vividly.

The theatre has also dedicated a single screen titled Park Chan-wook for the exclusive screening of local indie films. The screen is named after the director of the South Korean classic Oldboy, and a portion of ticket sales will go towards supporting the local indie film industry.

ScreenX theater in South Korea.