Piya More, the latest song from Baadshaho, brings together Emraan Hashmi and Sunny Leone in the same frame and is further proof that the right stars and slick visuals can make any tune a super-hit.

According to filmmaker Jai Prakash, Piya More has the same composition as Nasha Sar Pe Chadke Bole, a song from his 2014 film Dee Saturday Night. Both songs have been composed by Ankit Tiwari. Prakash has threatened legal action on the ground of copyright infringement.

Piya More.

“They [Baadshaho’s makers] must have asked Ankit to compose an item song and he conveniently lifted the song from my film,” Prakash told Mid-Day, “Ankit must have thought, ‘Film kisiko maloom nahi hai, producer flop baitha hua hai, kaun action lega?’” Meanwhile, Tiwari has refuted the allegations and has said that a “music expert” would know that the songs are different in their “tunes and chord progression”.

While an expert’s comment is yet to arrive, the songs do sound remarkably alike. The hooks (“Piya more bholey bole, move your body haule haule” and “Nasha sar pe chadke bole, move your body haule haule”) not only have the same composition but even share some of the lyrics. The only difference appears to be the connecting part between their respective first stanzas and the hooks/chorus.

Nasha Sar Pe Chadke Bole.

The controversy highlights the ease with which a song can become a hit when it is part of a star-studded A-list film. Nasha Sar Pe Chadke Bole’s video on YouTube, which was uploaded in January 2015, has under 10,000 views, while Piya More’s video has clocked over 13 million views in three days. Fans of Emraan Hashmi and Sunny Leone are not complaining. One person wrote on the YouTube video page that she could now die in peace after having seen Leone and Hashmi together.