T Rajendar launched into a tirade against Kabali actor Sai Dhansika at a press meet for Meera Kathiravan’s upcoming thriller Vizhithiru, reducing her to tears, The News Minute reported. Dhansika thanked a few people who had worked on the film with her, but did not mention Rajendar, who has performed a dance in Vizhithiru. The omission led Rajendar to accuse the actor of forgetting him because she had worked in a Rajnikanth film.

“Dhansika got the chance to act in Kabali only after Vizhithiru. After acting with the Superstar, she forgot me,” Rajendar said. “She forgot to even mention my name while speaking on the stage.” Vizhithiru commenced production in 2012 and is finally being released on October 6.

Although Dhansika attempted to interject with an apology, the actor and filmmaker continued his tirade, commenting on her attire and stage etiquette. “The stage ethic is to mention all the dignitaries. I didn’t expect you to talk about me, but I’m mentioning it now so that you learn. When you attend a function, you have to make a note of the technicians’ name and all the people who have worked in it,” he said.

Even as he berated Dhansika, actors Vidharth and Krishna, who shared the stage, applauded his actions, the website reported. “Throughout the time he spoke, he addressed Dhansika as “Nee” instead of the respectful “Neenga” and also ordered her around to sit when she attempted to speak,” The News Minute said.

The press conference.

Dhansika later tweeted about the incident.

In a strong statement, the actor Vishal came out in support of Dhansika. “I strongly condemn Mr TR for continuously targeting Dhanshika despite the fact that she apologised to him and he could have avoided all this,” he tweeted.