Two words are uttered in the one-minute teaser for Tamil director’s Bala’s upcoming film Naachiyaar (Goddess), in which Jyotika plays a tough police officer and music composer GV Prakash a vagrant.

The teaser is dialogue-free except for the words “Thevadiya payalunga (Sons of whores),” which Jyotika’s character throws at a convict she has just roughed up.

Naachiyaar (2017).

Bala’s featuring usually feature misfits and characters who live on the margins of society and sanity. Among his acclaimed films are Sethu (1999), Pithamagan (2003) and Naan Kadavul (2009).

The use of a slur in the teaser has evoked mixed reactions. some criticised the actress for swearing on screen; others have pointed out that she is merely playing a character.