French director Jerome Salle, whose Largo Winch heavily inspired the Pawan Kalyan starrer Agnyaathavaasi, wants a legal notice against the Telugu movie’s producers. Salle watched the movie in Paris, and said that he wasn’t satisfied with the pre-release settlement that had been reached between the producers of both films.

The remake rights of the 2008 French movie are held by T-Series. The powerful Bollywood producer reached a settlement after demanding Rs 15 crore from Haarika & Hassine Creations, the producer of Agnyaathavaasi. Salle pointed out that T-Series only has remake rights for Indian languages, whereas Agnyaathavaasi has been released worldwide.

Salle continued to tweet his displeasure regarding the plagiarism, and suggested that he might take legal action. He tweeted: “Indian cinema has all the necessary talent and creativity for not having to plagiarize. And the silence from #Agnathavaasi team since one week is deafening. So let’s take action now. #LegalNotice.”

Both Largo Winch and Agnyaathavaasi revolve around a secret heir to a deceased billionaire who returns to find his father’s murderers and become the legitimate owner of the business empire. Released on January 10, Agnyaathavaasi has been panned by audiences and critics alike.