SJ Clarkson is likely to become the first woman to direct a Star Trek film, Variety reported . The British director, whose credits include Netflix’s the Collateral and the pilot episodes of Jessica Jones and The Defenders, among other television shows, is currently in talks with Paramount Pictures, the distributors of the films. An official announcement is awaited.

There are two Star Trek films in the works. Quentin Tarantino will direct the first, while Clarkson is likely to be at the helm of the second, which will reportedly revolve around Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and his father (played by Chris Hemsworth). Clarkson’s film is likely to go into production first, Deadline said.

The Star Trek franchise began with the immensely popular TV series of the same name in 1966, created by Gene Roddenberry. The series followed Captain James T Kirk (William Shatner in the original) and his crew on the starship USS Enterprise on outer space missions. There have been five television spin-offs, one animated series and 13 Star Trek movies so far. Star Trek Beyond (2016) was the most recent film in the franchise.