Kannada filmmaker Appi Prasad has cast MP Ramachandran, the man who broke the internet last year for his uncanny resemblance to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a film about demonetisation, reported The New Indian Express. Statement 8/11 shows how demonetisation changed society, the report said.

Ramachandran’s photo went viral last year after a college student took a picture of him as he was waiting for a train at Payyannur railway station and posted it on Facebook. “When he reached Bangalore the next day on July 12, photographers and reporters were waiting for him at the station,” the report recalled. “Stardom was thrust on him, and he was forced to make rounds to TV studios. For a person who took an early retirement to enjoy a secluded life, it was too much. He got a shave and escaped back to Mathil, his ancestral village in Cherupuzha pachayat of Kannur district.”

Producer KH Venu and Prasad cast Ramachandran after seeing the photograph in newspapers in Bengaluru, the report stated. “They wanted me to act as the Prime Minister in their movie on demonetisation,” Ramachandran told The New Indian Express. “They even made changes to their script to include Modi’s character.” The movie has been made by “a group of youngsters who are sympathetic to Modi”, he added.