In Siddharth Sinha’s The Job, a French expat who cannot differentiate reality from imagination tries hard to remain employed.

A young woman (Kalki Koechlin) is visibly nervous as she sits at her desk in a typically colourless and drab corporate office. Reeling under pressing deadlines, a swelling credit card bill and traumatic memories of a road accident, she struggles to cope with her anxieties by conjuring up sounds and images, till her mind is unable to untangle real occurrences from imagined horrors.

Although she doesn’t say a word out loud in the film, the protagonist’s thought process is conveyed through sharp, exaggerated sounds and disembodied voices. Koechlin’s hands also do the talking, as a synecdoche of her anxious personality. As she washes her hands with feverish compulsion, taps at her keyboard in a staccato rhythm, or nervously pops pills, her hands demonstrate her conflicted relationship with the things around her.

The Job is available for viewing on the YouTube channel Flying Dreams Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

The Job.