In Rahul Bhatnagar’s short film Happy Birthday, a young victim of domestic violence finds a way to free herself from her husband’s tyranny.

A woman (Radha Bhatt) walks into a bar on a rainy night and proceeds to narrate a story to a man (Milind Tyagi) who has been waiting for her. She tells him about a woman named Neeti (Kritika Bhardwaj), who is frantically looking for her missing husband (Dhruv Thukral). She calls the police, but clams up when the investigating officer (Mahesh Bhatnagar) discovers a nasty scar on her neck. The policeman decides to let go of the case when he discovers that the missing man routinely subjected his wife to physical abuse, but Neeti has a secret of her own.

Happy Birthday has been released on the YouTube channel Natak Pictures.

Happy Birthday.