Zee Entertainment will be producing modestly budgeted English-language genre films, Variety reported. Zee Studios International will be led by Shibani Kapur, and will aim to roll out four productions in a year, the Variety report said.

Two films have been completed, and production on a third is underway, the report added. Padraig Reynolds’s Open 24 Hours is a psychological thriller set at a petrol pump. The film has been shown at festivals that showcases fantasy genre productions, including Screamfest in Los Angeles and Telluride Horror.

Daddy’s Girl, directed by Julian Richards, is the story of a young woman and her stepfather who lure female victims to their home to torture them.

Daddy's Girl.

Dark Light, also directed by Padraig Reynolds, is under production. The film “straddles the haunted house and creatures genres”, Variety said.

“We are quite clear about the genre film markets in the English language, Russia and Mexico, and we always keep one eye open on China.” Shibani Kapur told the publication. “So we’ll be avoiding supernatural horror.”