The beloved Bombay Canteen is known for its food collaborations, where it brings a variety of lesser-known cuisines to Mumbai’s foodies. Now, it is back with another offbeat offering in collaboration with OOO Farms. With ‘A Taste of the Wild’ The Bombay Canteen is celebrating the wild foods of Maharashtra.

A one-of-a-kind exploration of Indian forests, A Taste of the Wild gives you a chance to try out wild, edible produce from the Western Ghats. You can feast on an array of delicacies served as the Canteen-style Chhotas and Badas, or sample a wider selection with the Wild Food Experience which serves two people and includes cocktails made from wild ingredients.

Look out especially for the Wild Wild Sunday Daawat, a seven-course feast of must-have wild dishes, being organised on 21st July, 8:30pm. The feast will feature a hyper-seasonal menu consisting of delicacies such as Gharbandi Bhakri Taquito, Moras Bhaji Falafel, soft-shell crab & Phodshi and many more wild surprises.

You can even sign up for the free Canteen Class, to be held on the same day, which will include presentations from experts on wild foods, spoken sessions with tribal farmers and a panel discussion involving all speakers.

A Taste of the Wild will run for two months, from 1st July-31st August, with the menu changing every two-three weeks to reflect the seasonality of the produce. If you wish to experiment with the ingredients yourself, you can also stock your pantry with nutritious and delicious wild foods on offer at the Sunday Wild Food Market.

With A Taste of the Wild and the Wild Wild Daawat, The Bombay Canteen hopes to ignite an appreciation for the textures, tastes and colours from the forests of Maharashtra.

What’s Included: A reservation for the Wild Wild Sunday Daawat, the seven-course feast featuring a range of wild and delicious ingredients. To be held on 21st July, at 8.30pm.

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The Bombay Canteen

The Bombay Canteen is a restaurant and bar in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai. It prides itself on recreating local dishes and reinterpreting age-old Indian traditions, to create a delicious and innovative dining experience.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Canteen Class and Sunday Wild Food Market are free to attend. The ticket purchased includes the reservation only for Wild Wild Daawat, the seven-course dinner to be held on 21st July.
  2. The coupon code can only be used on, while purchasing the tickets.
  3. The code is available on a first come, first serve basis, for the first 20 customers.