On Monday, voters in Uttar Pradesh cast their votes in the second phase of the seven-phase assembly elections. Before phase three of the elections, Telangana BJP MLA T Raja warned voters of UP of consequences if they didn’t vote for the BJP.

The MLA said (video above), “The second phase of polling was completed today. Some of the areas had their highest polling [turnouts]. I believe those who are opposed to Yogi-ji [Adityanath], those who are his enemies, those who don’t want him back, came out in large numbers to vote. The third phase [of voting] is imminent. I appeal to my Hindu friends to come out and vote.”

Raja added, “I want to tell those who don’t vote for the BJP that Yogi-ji has sent for thousands of bulldozers. They are on their way to UP. After the elections, the areas from which people do not support Yogi-ji will be identified. And you know what bulldozers are used for. So I want to tell those traitors of UP who don’t want Yogij-ji to become the chief minister again, son, if you wish to live in UP, you have to chant Yogi’s name. Or you’ll have to leave UP and run away.”