On Sunday, 19 March, supporters of a Khalistan movement staged a demonstration outside the Indian High Commission in London and pulled down the Indian flag. The police later arrested one of the demonstrators for breaking a window.

As a debate about security in London broke out, barricades meant to provide security outside the residence of the UK ambassador and the British Embassy in New Delhi were removed on Wednesday. However, an unidentified Delhi Police officer told PTI that the security arrangements were intact and that only extra barricades that “created hurdles for commuters” were removed.

On a Times Now television debate, Andrew MacLeod, an Australian expert on war and a visiting professor at King’s College, London, said these objections and retaliatory moves had made “India look weak” (video above). He said, “This doesn’t look like India asserting its pride, this looks like India creating a storm out in a tea cup.” He added that it made India “look petulant”.

MacLeod also argued that London is used to protests involving “hundreds and thousands of people” and, in comparison, the demonstration by the Khalistan supporters was “tiny”. His comments were part of a discussion on whether there was a lapse of security leading to the incident in London.

Full debate

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