The popular social media satirist Dr Medussa has directly addressed Draupadi Murmu, President of India, in a video (above) to voice her concerns about the sexual assault cases in the state. “Your occupancy of the highest administrative post was a matter of utmost pride to all Indian women,” she said. “Why are you silent today?”

“I wish to make an appeal through this video,” the satirist said. “I make this appeal purely as a woman and as a human, and hope that it reaches you. For the past two and a half months, a state of our country, Manipur, has been burning in the fire of caste violence. This fire has already engulfed the lives of more than 150 people – men, women, and children. But today, my soul shudders in the face of a heinous crime.

“Crores of people have watched the video. While some are mourning the death of humanity, others are just witnesses as women and their bodies become the weapon and the verdict of war at the hands of patriarchy in power. You, too are a woman, an Adivasi woman. The history of this country has been a mere spectator of injustices towards native women for centuries now, and you know it too.

“Maybe if you urge for peace, Manipur will receive the attention of the media that feeds off the morsels of human flesh... Maybe if you voice it, amidst the noise of drums proclaiming India’s prosperity, the world will be able to listen to the echoing screams in the eyes of those two Kuki girls. Maybe as it rips and gashes through the flesh, the government will be hit by an epiphany – that the flesh is that of humans.

“Save Manipur, save the women of Manipur. Only you can do something.”