“The Pakis are out of containment", goes a line from Jurassic World, the summer blockbuster that has scored the biggest weekend box office opening in history. Yes, you read that right, they said “Pakis.” And not everyone is happy about that. "I was shocked, bro," says Guzzy Bear, a British comedian in the YouTube clip uploaded to his channel on Monday. "Apparently there's a dinosaur called Pakisaurus."

"Unbelievable, it's broken my childhood memories!" he continues. "It got to the end of the film and I said quite loudly, so everybody could hear me, 'There ain't no such thing as a Pakisaurus'. The old man over here, as we're walking out of the cinema, pulls out his phone and says, 'I've just Googled it, have a look.' And he's not even lying!"

Turns out, there is actually a Pakisaurus, named after a dinosaur found in Balochistan, with the scientific name being Pakisaurus balochistani. In the movie, however, the actors are referring to Pachycephalosaurus, a completely different species, which they’re calling “pachys” – slang that sounds far too much like a particular British pejorative aimed at people from Pakistan.