"For those looking to relive their childhood dreams of being a conductor of their own railway and playing with dollhouses, we have a Street View surprise for you..." Google has announced. The surprise? The addition of the world’s largest model railway, Miniatur Wunderland to Google Maps and Street View.

Located in Hamburg, Germany, the Minitaur Wunderland has 13,000 metres of railway track going through replicas of a variety of German provinces, the Swiss Alps, famous places in America, and a fully functioning airport. Some 200,000 little people live here.

The video above shows how Google fixed very small cameras atop tiny cars to capture the train tracks and the miniature world around it.

Google partnered with Ubilabs to create the little cameras.

Of the many wonders of the diorama, here's how Google suggests you begin: "Touring the marvels of Wunderland, you must first begin in its oldest section: Knuffingen, a fictional town situated squarely between the Alps and Harz. Become one of this tiny city’s 10,000 inhabitants: stop by the city’s rustic farmer’s market, witness the local fire department spring into action when a building catches fire and even see a plane lift off from Knuffingen’s airport."

You can also see the Oktoberfest, a soccer match, the Grand Canyon, and many other landmarks. View the gallery here.

And here's a video about the Minitaur Wunderland.