A pop up history class without any of the boring stuff? Yes please!

The video above shows how it can be done. In this case, with Japan – the land of not only the rising sun and but also of other rad stuff like samurais, sushi, geishas, robots, manga, vocaloids etc.

Like all other unhappy nations (refer George Eliott quote), Japan has quite a rich history. The island nation is interesting enough to have spawned a genre of people called Japanophiles, the more respectable kind of Japan lovers, and Weeaboos – those whose love for Japan is beyond the bounds of human decency.

This animated video describes the history of the country from the time when it was not even an island, quickly covering the stone age, its numerous emperors, the two world wars, the atomic bomb, and all that followed. In the process it touches upon some key moments of world history, told with all millennial nonchalance. Sample? Referring to the large Russian presence in Korea in 1899, Japan says, "Can you maybe chill?" and Russia says, "How about maybe YOU chill?"

A background soundtrack of what sounds like old video game noises and older TV game show graphics and presentation definitely up the entertainment quotient in this fast paced video. The history isn't comprehensive, and some Redditors have pointed to stuff that's been glossed over or just incorrect, but for the uninitiated this is quite information packed.

And so much fun.