“If they think they can rusticate us during vacations and the matter will die down, we want to tell them that a struggle has no vacation.” JNU student Umar Khalid spoke on Wednesday night as the student body prepared to go on an indefinite hunger strike.

On Monday an enquiry committee set up by the university called for the punishment of students involved in the February 9 protests. The students publicly rejected that report, burnt it and have proceeded on to a hunger strike against it since Wednesday night.

Students gathered at the administrative block, now also referred to as Azaadi Square, where the student union leaders spoke out against the High Level Enquiry Committee.

In the video above Umar Khalid reminds students of previous such instances of the University's trying to issue punishment during vacations.

Crowd favourite Kanhaiya Kumar also spoke (video below), calling attention to the "all male" enquiry committee, where the students' demand for adequate representation was ignored.

Inevitably, Kumar's half-hour-long speech spiralled down to jokes about Prime Minister Modi. He said, "Some ABVP members are telling me that I have become a national leader. I told them you can thank yourself and Modiji for it.