No Pokémon GO yet in your country? If you live in China, not a problem. People there already have a clone of the game called City Spirit Go. It's pretty much the same game, minus the augmented reality features.

Not surprisingly, the game's already topping the charts in the iOS app store as well as being downloaded in huge numbers on android phones. It was released way back on March 24, when the Japanese version of Pokémon GO entered beta testing and was offered to developers outside the company.

It might even be the only version of the game that the country gets, because Ingress was banned in China and Google Maps doesn't have full functionality there – Niantic Labs has built both of these into Pokémon GO.

It's a problem that's also being faced in South Korea, where the government doesn't allow Google Maps to operate. Fans have discovered a tiny seaside town called Sokcho where the game can be played and are rushing in droves. Tickets to the town are sold out and the town's mayor has even announced more wi-fi spots and battery charging stations in a bid to invite more tourism.

People outside the country have noticed the Chinese clone too.

Here are two YouTubers examining the knock-offs.


In the United Kingdom, another version hit the top of the iOS charts: Go Catch 'Em All. But it doesn't have much in common with the popular mobile game, apart from being about pokémon.