As with most things Trump, the first night of the Republican National Convention has not come without controversy. Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump’s first major speech, which was the opening night headliner, is now in the news for being plagiarised.

And so What could have been the highlight of the night for Trump’s campaign, has morphed into a credibility disaster.

Soon after Melania Trump’s speech, Twitter user, Jarrett Hill, pointed out the almost verbatim similarities between a portion of Trump’s speech to one that Michelle Obama made in 2008 at the Democratic Convention (video above).

Donald Trump tweeted in support of his wife’s speech, but Twitter users placed that against a fake tweet purportedly by Barack Obama tweeted in 2008, adding to the plagiarism claims.

Despite the almost unanimous decision of the internet that the speech was plagiarised, Melania Trump’s official tweet as of this morning does not address the controversy at all.

In an interview before she made the speech on Monday night, she said that she wrote it with as little help as possible. Perhaps she should have taken some more.

And if this wasn't enough, a Rickroll figured in her speech too.