"There was a stream, I really wanted to get into it," says one. "I was really excited about the puddles," says another.

"I was two. I wanted to take off and explore the world. I made to about half a block but I don't remember anything else," says a third.

A woman breaks down because she cannot recall a memory, "It's an Alzheimer's moment," she says.

The video above interviews patients of Alzheimer's Disease to find out what memories they wouldn't like to let go of. Some of them have been living with the disease for six years, while others have been diagnosed within the past 12 months.

Aged between 49 and 75, they talk poignantly about the things they don't want to forget. All of them remember their early memories in vivid detail, but it has become difficult to recall much of the recent past. When asked to describe the deaths of loved ones or the memories of their first kisses, the patients recount these in much greater detail.

Here's fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett talking about living with Alzheimer's, to which he finally succumbed in 2015. He states that not much is being done to fund research for a cure. "It's about time we had a war against dementia," he declares.


Here's a Ted-Ed video explaining what Alzheimer's, which affects 40 million people worldwide and is the most common cause of dementia, does to the brain.