The Rio Olympics are ending on Sunday. With 306 events in 28 sports, it was truly the world's largest sporting extravaganza. But one of the downsides of so many events is that a casual viewer often has no idea of the rules of some of these sports.

One such sport in sailing. Four ago, during the 2012 edition in London, an Irish comedian named Chris Tordoff took a look at the sailing event and decided to provide his own absurdly wrong, yet hilarious, commentary on the proceedings.


Be warned: the video has quite a bit of suave profanity. It also has gems like:

It's looking very close...and confusing.

Belarus, not so good on the water it seems. Questionable human rights record as well for that country.

Some mad man there going the wrong way completely. He doesn't know where he's going. Go back, you fool, you're not going to win any medals going that way!

Tordoff also claimed to spot director Steven Spielberg and former tennis player Tim Henman among the Great Britain team and commented on "the eclectic mix of boys on the Team GB boat".

When it first went viral in 2012, most people were not aware that it was just a parody, with many believing that this was the actual commentary from the event.