No one could have written a more dramatic script of confrontation with words.

Leaders from 193 countries are attending the 71st session of the UN General Assembly in New York. Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif gives a speech (video above) on a "new war threatening to engulf Europe", adding that "that the only road to a lasting peace in that country (Afghanistan) is through a dialogue between the Government in Kabul and the Afghan Taliban".

Oh and by the way, he also mentions the failure of India and Pakistan at having dialogue for peace.

Confrontation should not be our destiny in South Asia. Pakistan wants peace with India. I have gone the extra mile to achieve this, repeatedly offering a dialogue to address all outstanding issues.

But India has posed unacceptable preconditions to engage in a dialogue. Let us be clear: talks are no favour to Pakistan. Talks are in the interest of both countries.They are essential to resolve our differences, especially the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, and to avert the danger of any escalation.

Peace and normalisation between Pakistan and India cannot be achieved without a resolution of the Kashmir dispute. This is an objective evaluation, not a partisan position.

In response, India's First Secretary Eenam Gambhir exercises India's Right of Reply on Wednesday. In a specially-written, short and sharp speech prepared by a team, she speaks about Pakistan's "long-standing policy of sponsoring terrorism", referring to the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and the Uri attack.

Only last week, the international community honoured the memory of thousands of innocent victims from around the world, who lost their lives not far from here in New York fifteen years ago in a most horrifying terror attack.

The world has not yet forgotten that the trail of that dastardly attack led all the way to Abbottabad in Pakistan.

The land of Taxila, one of the greatest learning centres of ancient times, is now host to the Ivy League of terrorism. It attracts aspirants and apprentices from all over the world.

Shortly before Pakistan gave its hypocritical sermons in this august house today, its envoy in New Delhi was summoned in the context of the most recent of the terror attacks in Uri that claimed 18 Indian lives. That terrorist attack is part of a trail of continuous flow of terrorists trained and armed by our neighbour and tasked to carry out terrorist attacks in my country.

She ends by saying, "Perhaps renunciation of lies and self-restraint on threats could be a good place for Pakistan to start."